Three eye doctors in lab coats

Eye Care Welcomes New Leadership & Providers, Expands Capacity

Debi Sarma, OD

Codman made some exciting updates to its eye care department that will expand access to eye care services for our patients and community. We now have openings to accommodate people who need eye care appointments in the coming weeks.

Like many medical providers, the impact of COVID on our operations meant that we were not able to see patients as quickly as we wanted. Fortunately, we recently welcomed two new experienced and dynamic eye care providers, and that is opening our schedules.

We are excited to welcome Doctors Debi Sarma, DO, and Dan Phuong Nguyen, DO, to Codman!

Dr. Sarma joins as Codman’s new Director of Eye Care. Dr. Sarma has deep experience delivering eye care in community health centers and other settings. She is passionate not only about giving patients the best care possible but doing so by getting to know her patients and understanding what treatments and services work best for them.

Dr. Sarma is also committed to working closely with her patients and colleagues to take proactive steps to prevent blindness. Dr. Sarma speaks English and Assamese.

Dr. Dan Phuong Nguyen joined Codman in February 2023 and brings her valuable experience working in busy ophthalmology practices, including at other community health centers. She is excited to get to know the Codman patients and community. Dr. Nguyen was born in Vietnam, and speaks speaks English and Vietnamese.

The new providers join other Codman eye care providers Dr. Khuu in ensuring that Codman’s patients’ eye care is top notch. Codman’s eye care providers work closely with our primary care providers to take special care to reach out to patients who are at risk for diminished vision.

If you are looking to book an eye care appointment at Codman, you can fill out an appointment request form or call 617-822-8271.