Patient-Centered Medical Home

At Codman Square Health Center, we are proud to be a certified patient-centered medical home (PCMH). This designation means that we provide holistic and comprehensive care with you, the patient, at the center of the team.

Patients have a care team that includes your health care providers, nurses, educators, counselors, and access to community programs. Behind the scenes, we have expert researchers examining practices and trends to see what treatment and prevention approaches work best.

What you can expect at Codman Square Health Center:

  • Care that includes YOU as a member of your team
  • Care that gets you through an illness and helps to keep you well
  • Care that respects you, and your needs and values as a person
  • Care that is easy to schedule, with appointments at times when you can come in, and easy ways to keep in touch with your team
  • Care that is coordinated because your health care team and other providers work together

Your insurance plan will still cover all the same services so your costs will stay the same.

Patient-Centered Medical Home