Dot Rx

Dot Rx is a low-, or no-cost prescription-based program available to community residents who seek care at Codman Square Health Center. The goal of the program is to connect more families to experiences that promote healthier lives — including opportunities to eat healthy, get outside, and be active. We believe that when kids and families have access to positive eating, exercise, and outdoor experiences, they will feel empowered to make healthy lifestyle choices every day.

Patients with a DotRx prescription get connected to a peer health coach who also lives in the community. This coach will help them set personal and family goals around eating, exercise, and engaging with the outdoors. Additionally, the coach will connect them with specific opportunities and resources through Daily Table, the Dorchester YMCA, Healthworks Community Fitness, MA Audubon Society Boston Nature Center, and Union Capital Boston.

Ask your Codman medical provider today if you qualify for Dot Rx!

This program is run in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and with the support of Union Capital Boston, Daily Table, the Dorchester YMCA, MA Audubon Society Boston Nature Center, and Healthworks Community Fitness.

Family of four hiking in the woods