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Codman offers onsite radiology services for patients who need X-rays or mammograms. We work closely with Boston Medical Center mammography and X-ray so that expert radiologists can read patient films quickly.


Codman’s mammography staff has decades of experience in the field and are knowledgeable about much more than screenings. We have staff who reach out to the community to educate people about breast health and the importance of screening, and staff who help patients know when they need a screening mammogram. We offer weekend hours to accommodate all schedules. If you are due for a mammogram, call 617-825-9660 to schedule it at a time that is convenient for you.


Our onsite X-ray equipment is state-of-the-art, and enables Codman patients who need this diagnostic tool to access it without needing to leave the Health Center.

Doctor and patient together in a radiology appointment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call the Call Center (617) 825-9660 and tell the receptionist you would like to request a referral to a specialist. Leave a number that you can be contacted back at throughout the day. Let them know what type of referral you are requesting. Make sure you have seen your provider within the past year or understand that an appointment may be necessary for the provider to make an assessment prior to initiating the referral.

Yes. You can call the Call Center at (617) 822-8271 and ask to schedule an appointment with Insurance Services.

We provide an Uber for patients who need to go to specialty services at BMC. See our Information Desk to arrange a ride.

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At Codman Square Health Center, you get exceptional, personal care from a specialized, multilingual care team. Our convenient resources include an extensive list of primary, specialty, and preventive care services. Call our Patient Service Center at 617-825-9660.

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