Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

Our pediatric & adolescent providers can’t wait to meet your children! The pediatric and adolescent specialty providers at Codman have decades of experience. Every interaction, from the moment you check in until you walk out of the Health Center, will make you and your child feel cared for and special.

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly urges parents to make sure their children receive all recommended vaccines. While it is best to get the vaccine as soon as your child reaches the recommended age, it is never too late to get your children caught up so they can receive the vaccine and be fully protected. For more information, please speak with your provider.

Integrated Care

Our pediatric department has a comprehensive integration program in which patients and their caregivers can benefit from behavioral health, nutrition, and dental care during a regular pediatric appointment. Codman has nutritionists, pediatric behavioral health specialists, and pediatric dentists ready to assist any child who has a need during a primary care appointment.

Specialized Programs

We have specialized programs to help meet your child’s health needs at every stage, including:

  1. Reach Out and Read. This program supports early literacy through engaging children in reading during medical visits.
  2. WIC. Families with young children who have nutritional needs can access resource support through Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) — located conveniently in the Pediatric Unit
  3. Injury Prevention Program. We provide safety information and safety equipment including bicycle helmets, outlet protectors, cabinet locks, and water temperature detectors.
  4. Boston Basics. Codman participates in Boston Basics, which infuses power parenting principles into messages and parent support to help promote brain development up to age 3.

Group Medical Visits

Parents of young children visit their medical provider frequently for “well-child visits,” also called “check-ups.” Codman offers parents the opportunity to conduct these visits in groups with other parents with children the same age.

Group well-child visits

More time with their medical provider(s) offers:

  • A community of parents at the same stage of parenting
  • A socializing opportunity for children and parents
  • The opportunity to learn from other parents’ issues, suggestions, and questions

Baby Cafe

Two days a week, Codman hosts Baby Cafe, which offers free resources for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, including support from trained staff, social opportunities, breastfeeding support, and more.

Codman’s Baby Cafe takes place on Mondays from 5 pm – 6:30 pm and Wednesdays from 2 pm – 4 pm. Sign up here.

A child during a pediatric exam.

Get Your Child A Flu Vaccine

Make sure your child is protected! Codman has appointments available for parents who want to bring their children in for a flu vaccine. Call (617) 822-8271 or click below to make an appointment.