We Are Here Podcast: Mental Health, Access & Love

Join entertainer Lady German, artist Amanda Shea, and creative director and business-owner Amir Dixon for a frank, in-depth discussion of issues affecting the local LGBTQ+ POC community, such as mental health, access to health care resources, self-care, and even love. Join the conversation across social media by using #WeAreHereBoston

Part 1: Mental Health

In this podcast, mental health takes center stage as the commentators share their personal experiences as queer individuals of color who have had to navigate their mental health. Black and brown queer folks are disproportionately affected by depression and anxiety. At Codman Square Health Center, patients who are seen in the X-Clinic can be referred to behavioral health professionals. In the X-Clinic, we not only affirm the identities and lived experience of our patients, but we also ensure that their physical as well as mental health is addressed.

Part 2: Access

In this podcast, our commentators share their thoughts on the lack of access for mental health services especially for queer people of color. The politics of healthcare is also discussed in this episode. Too often, we are told there are resources, but when the time comes to access them, it is difficult to get an appointment scheduled to speak to a professional. While mental health access is lacking nationwide, at the X-Clinic, we have resources available to our patients who are seeking behavioral health and physical health services.

Part 3: Love

In this podcast, our commentators talk about love and the many forms it manifests itself. From selflove, romantic love, and love of community. Their vulnerability allows us to get honest with ourselves and how we love. We as humans get to experience various ways to give and receive love, but too often, the love we receive was tainted. In the X-Clinic, we encourage healthy selflove and relationships for all our patients by encouraging the idea that getting tested regularly is a form of love. Visit us at the X-Clinic and practice good, safe love.