We Are Here Podcast #4 – Part 3

In Part 3 of October’s #WeAreHereBoston Podcast and Livestream, our panel of local LGBTQ+ leaders and community members discuss community access to healthy, affordable food and food resources.

The podcast also features new music from Black Bear Extraordinaire, a Black, Queer and Trans Theminine spoken word artist, singer, lyricist, activist, and Boston native. Also, don’t miss the video from Boston-based Black trans rapper Trap Beat Tranny.

At Codman, we are dedicated to having conversation. We especially seek to hear from our community members with lived experiences who can help us provide better care. Throughout the #WeAreHereBoston campaign, you have met some of our community members, engaged with our content, and shared your thoughts and experiences. We want to continue to have the necessary conversations to ensure our community’s needs are getting met. Stay tuned as we continue to stay connected and involved with our queer family, peers, and allies!⠀ ⠀

For more information, visit codman.org/wearehere and codman.org/xclinic