We Are Here Podcast #3 – Trending Topics (Part 2) + Porsha O performance #1

In the second part of the September livestream, our podcasters #LadyGerman and #AmandaShea share intimate stories that shed light on their views on Texas’ new abortion law. Generational trauma and inherited practices show us just how the decisions of those who came before us can be internalized through us.

Not only is this livestream pertinent to the things happening in our society, but Boston poet laureate Porsha O’s guest appearance is a breath of fresh air. Porsha is a nationally recognized poet and community organizer who uses her voice to inspire the artistry of Black and Brown folks. It only takes a few seconds of hearing Porsha’s voice to be transported into a space that celebrates and elevates the beauty of the Black Diaspora. In short, don’t miss this month’s Livestream – it’s filled with so much necessary goodness!

At Codman, we are dedicated to having conversation. We especially seek to hear from our community members with lived experiences who can help us provide better care. Throughout the #WeAreHereBoston campaign, you have met some of our community members, engaged with our content, and shared your thoughts and experiences. We will continue these efforts through the Podcast and Livestream! We want to continue to have the necessary conversations to ensure our community’s needs are getting met. Stay tuned as we continue to stay connected and involved with our queer family, peers, and allies!

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