We Are Here Podcast #3 – Community Letters + Porsha O performance #2

Our #WeAreHereBoston Podcast hosts #AmandaShea and #LadyGerman answer your burning questions! In this segment, Lady German gets personal while answering a viewer’s question about coming out as Trans. To submit a question visit www.codman.org/wearehere

We Are Here is a community-based multimedia campaign that features Black and Brown members of the LGBTQ+ community of Greater Boston raising awareness about health and wellness services, and helping to promote an empowered community through digital engagement. We Are Here features intimate portraits and interviews with members of the community talking about why Pride is important to them, what they would want to say to their younger self, and what having the X-Clinic in our community means to LGBTQ people of color. Codman Square Health Clinic’s X-Clinic employs members of the community and is advised by a community advisory board of LGBTQ+ POCs, which enables the health center to be what the community wants and needs.

We want to hear from you. Join the conversation at www.codman.org/wearehere

For more information, visit www.codman.org/xclinic #WeAreHereBoston