A flyer warning patients to sign up for BMC MyChart

Navigate to Your New MyChart

As the information in the image on the left states, if you already have a Codman MyChart and a BMC MyChart, you will not have to take any action. Just use your BMC MyChart moving forward.

However, if you have a Codman MyChart and not BMC MyChart, you will have to take the action below.

Mobile MyChart Users

  • Switch from OCHIN MyChart to BMC MyChart by choosing “switch organizations” (see image to the left.)

Desktop MyChart Users

Patients who need to change their username

  • You will receive a text telling you if you have to add “.1” to your username

During the transition process, checking in and out at the Health Center may take longer than usual, and we may ask you some questions that we’ve already asked you in the past. Thank you for your patience during this process. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Codman works closely with Boston Medical Center for several services, and many of our patients are also patients at Boston Medical Center. The switch will make access to patients’ information seamless for everyone.

A: Most people will keep their username and password the same. However, if a BMC MyChart account already exists with your current username, you will have a “.1” added to the end of your username and will need to update your password. Codman Square Health Center will reach out to those patients with a text message.

A: Yes! There will be no changes to your care at all. Most of the changes will only be in the computer back end, and will not impact patients at all.

A: You can still message your providers, see your medical records and upcoming appointments, etc. However, you can no longer cancel appointments in the portal. You will have to call or text 617-822-8271 to cancel an appointment.

A: Yes! There will not be any changes to how your medical provider sends prescriptions to your pharmacy.

Yes. You can call the MyChart Support Line at 844-635-1390.