Women’s Health

Codman’s Women’s Health program has been helping women, moms, and babies in Dorchester for generations. Our goal is to make sure that moms, babies, and families are healthy and happy and connected to the services they need. We have multi-cultural and multi-lingual physicians, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and other providers in our Maternal and Child Health department.

We know that there are many factors that contribute to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, beyond what goes on in the medical office. We offer integrated nutrition and behavioral health care to help you have the healthiest pregnancy and child you can have.

We also have prenatal and well-child group visits where women can learn from providers as well as their peers, make friends, share struggles and challenges, and enjoy the support of a community. We offer Centering Pregnancy groups, which studies show provide healthier babies and moms, enable pregnant mothers to spend more time with medical providers, and offer support and friendship during an important time in a woman’s and baby’s life.

Maternal patients at Codman can deliver at Boston Medical Center or Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Once you deliver, your baby can be cared for by our pediatric or family medicine providers.

We also have case managers who can help you find resources while you make the transition, whether it’s your first baby or not. We hope you will trust us with your care and the care of your growing family. Request an appointment or call our Patient Service Center at 617-825-9660 to learn more about the caring programs we offer women.

A patient has a pre-natal exam.