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Group Medical Visits

Codman believes that patients can learn from peers as well as their medical providers. They can also gain support from peers and community members who share certain experiences. That’s why we believe so strongly in group medical visits.

Group medical visits are different from support groups, because medical providers can do many things that they do in medical visits (for example: blood pressure checks, blood sugar monitoring, etc.) However, in addition to those  aspects of a medical visit, patients can benefit from the support of other patients experiencing similar conditions and get to spend more time with their providers in a casual, supportive, and relaxed atmosphere.

Codman has group medical visits for:

Well-Child Visits

The group well-child visits are very popular, as parents with babies have the benefit of ample time with which they can speak to medical providers, as well as being able to learn from and share with peers who have children the same age.


The Diabasics group teaches people who are newly diagnosed with diabetes how to manage the condition, with a focus on nutrition, exercise, and monitoring glucose levels.
You’ll have the opportunity to learn from providers and other experts, as well as the support and input from community members who are learning about the same new lifestyle changes


Patients with hypertension often have to manage medications, diet, exercise, and other changes to their lives. A group medical visit will enable you to speak with your medical provider privately, as well as in a group of others who are also working to manage hypertension.

Weight Loss

The Don’t Weight program, led by nutritionists and a nurse practitioner, gives participants the knowledge, support, and space to lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, and reach their goals.

Mind Body Medicine

Codman’s Mind Body Medicine groups address different topics each month that educate participants about how they can employ certain mind body medicine techniques. Past topics include: Hunger, Hydration, and Health and Relaxation Techniques.

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