Safe and Open

Codman is open for routine and other medical appointments. Please see below to understand how we can serve you best and precautions that we are still taking!

Do I still have to wear a mask to the Health Center?

Current regulations continue to require that everyone who enters the Health Center must wear a procedure mask at all times. If you do not have that kind of mask, Codman will provide you with one.

Are patients still expected to socially distance?

Per regulations, we are no longer required to enforce social distancing. We have added chairs to our waiting rooms for your comfort.

Are you still testing for COVID-19?

Codman offers COVID-19 testing for community members at Russell Auditorium at 70 Talbot Ave in Dorchester. We accept walk-ins, but you can reduce your wait time by making an appointment. Call 617-822-8271 to make an appointment.

Do I need to come to the Health Center for my appointment?

Codman is conducting appointments in-person and via telemedicine. Please check to determine whether your appointment is in-person or via telephone. Note that we have implemented safety procedures for in-person visits.

Can I bring a visitor to the Health Center with me?

Patients may bring one visitor with them to medical appointments. Visitors must go through a screening process and register at our main information desk.

What is the procedure for visitors?

Whether you are accompanying a family member/friend, or have other business at the health center, staff will screen all visitors for COVID-19 symptoms. You must also share your name and contact information and wear a visible visitor sticker at all times.