Pierre Lubin

Chief Human Resources Officer

Pierre Lubin joined Codman as its Chief Human Resources Officer in March 2022. He is a seasoned HR professional with 20 years of HR experience. Prior to joining, Pierre was the VP of HR & Culture at Community Resources for Justice (CRJ) and was there for more than 5 years.

Pierre holds a Bachelor of science degree in business administration from Salem State University and earned his Senior Certified HR Professional from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). The certification represents applied learning in strategic planning, leading HR functions, fostering influence in the community, analyzing performance metrics, and aligning HR strategies with organizational goals.

During his free time, Pierre enjoys spending time with his partner, his family, and his 4-year-old cat named Meeko. He also enjoys cooking and trying out new cuisines throughout the state. Pierre is an ABCD Board Member at their Everett location where he volunteers as a tax advisor assisting low-income individuals with their tax filings. He also volunteers with ABCD’s Youth Service Mentor Program at the organization’s Boston branch.

Pierre is looking forward to improving the lives of Codman employees, patients, and community through his collaborative leadership style.