Desiree Otente

Desiree Otenti

Vice President

Desiree Otenti, MSN, MPH, brings with her advanced practice nursing experience, deep knowledge of vulnerable populations, and management and insurance expertise.

Otenti studied biology in college, and when she graduated, decided to combine her passion for science with her life-long desire to help people. She continued her education and became a nurse practitioner. She started to practice at a fellow community health center – Boston Health Care for the Homeless. Here she gained a lot of medical experience, and also got to know a very vulnerable population of patients.  She later went back to school to study Public Health, focusing on policy and management.

She has served as the director of case management at Boston Health Care for the Homeless, and eventually became a senior clinical manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts where she is now their senior director of medical policy. In this role, Desiree oversees the review of medical literature that examines which new medical devices, drugs, and procedures are most effective for which patients. With that information, BCBSMA can create criteria about which patients receive certain services.

Desiree also volunteers for BCBS’s Women’s Inclusion Network. As a past  president, she continues to organize programs and events for the female BCBS staff. She also maintains a shift at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.