Codman Distributes Hundreds of Toys to Young Patients


Codman hosted its annual Holiday Gift Giveaway on Saturday, Dec. 17, in the Great Hall in Codman Square and gave away hundreds of wrapped gifts to patients.

Families from Notre Dame Academy in Hingham donated 480 carefully selected gifts. The students at the school joyously wrapped them and packaged them up by age and gender for young Codman patients.

Each year, Codman gives parents the opportunity to register their children who are patients of the health center for a holiday gift. Codman staff create a gift bag from the donated presents for each family who registered that includes a gift(s) for each of the children that is specific to the child’s gender and age.

On the day of the Gift Giveaway, parents came in to a festive scene with decorations, Holiday music, staff handing out presents, and children’s entertainment. Kristen Hale delighted children at the event with her custom-made balloon animals, face painting, and more!

Thank you to the students, families, and staff at Notre Dame Academy for the generous donations, and thank you to all the health center families for sharing in this joyous time with us!