Codman Starts Vaccinating Patients for COVID-19

patient gets vaccine

Codman patient and Mattapan resident Emma Rogers gets a COVID-19 vaccine on Feb. 8.

Codman has started the process of vaccinating patients for COVID-19! Codman has spent the last 6 weeks vaccinating its workforce and other community members who are in phase 1 of the vaccine rollout. On Monday, Feb. 8, we started to immunize those patients 75 years and older. We reached out to those patients by phone and text message for appointments.

In spite of the snowy weather, we had many of our most senior patients come early Monday morning ready for their vaccines. One patient shared how much he misses his daily workouts at the YMCA, and another spoke about her recent recovery from COVID-19.

Since COVID-19 first became part of our consciousness in February and March of 2020, we have faced many challenges as a health center. We’ve had to close sections of the health center. We’ve had to convert many of our medical appointments to telehealth. We’ve implemented new and time-consuming safety, screening, and cleaning processes. We erected a screening tent in our parking lot, stood up off-site testing at nearby Russell Auditorium, and other sites, and adjusted staffing levels. The most challenging part of all of it is the concern we have for our patients. We worry about their health and wellbeing, and miss seeing them in the Health Center. This vaccine is taking us one step closer to being able to see our patients in person more and we are thrilled about that.