We Are Here

Codman Launches We Are Here: Community Campaign

In honor of Minority Mental Health Month, Codman launched the We Are Here: Community Campaign. The campaign features intimate portraits and interviews with 11 members of the LGBTQ community of color in Boston. In these moving videos, individuals share their stories of coming out, talk about the importance of pride, and empowering yourself through taking care of your health.

Health is about more than just the absence of illness or disease. It is feeling good physically, mentally, and emotionally, and addressing your sexual health. Codman Square Health Center’s X Clinic offers not only testing, treatment, and prevention for sexually transmitted infections, but comprehensive medical and wellness services.

“As a dark-skin black trans woman, I haven’t seen myself a lot in the media,” says Nyah Lee, a community member featured in the We Are Here campaign. “And it’s important for all of us in this campaign to raise our voices and empower all trans & queer folks to access X-Clinic services. Especially being that they are in our community, designed for us, and are serving us.”

Codman’s X-Clinic employs members of the community and is advised by a community advisory board of LGBTQ+ POCs, which enables the health center to be what the community wants and needs.