Codman Launches Vaccine Education Campaign


codman nurse with arms crossed

Everyone is anxious to see the COVID-19 pandemic come to an end, and experts say the COVID-19 vaccine is the most important piece in the effort to end the pandemic. At Codman, we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to keep our patients, staff, and community as healthy and safe as possible, and delivering the COVID-19 vaccine is vital to that effort.

Codman encourages all patients who are eligible to get the vaccine to do so when their turn comes up, as our community has been hit particularly hard by the virus. However, we understand that some people are hesitant about the vaccine for several reasons.

Codman providers feel strongly that their patients get vaccinated and have worked with partners to launch a campaign to help encourage patients to feel comfortable about the vaccine. They did this through a poster series that features a dozen different Codman providers sharing that they got the vaccine, facts about the vaccine, and encouragement to get the vaccine when their turn arrives.

The campaign is featured throughout the health center, in newspaper advertisements, on social media, on the website, and more. Codman plans to launch new billboard advertisements and a postcard mailing to community encourage the COVID-19 vaccine.

We hope that our patients are open to the COVID-19 vaccine and will feel comfortable asking their providers any questions they have. Our website features an extensive selection of Frequently Asked Questions.