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Codman Engages Community in Discussions about Race and Health

Codman Square Health Center behavioral health providers have been reaching out to community members in a series of virtual network nights to share information and engage in conversations about race and how it can impact health. The events, which community members could attend free and on Zoom, dove deep into discussions about race and racism, and how it interacts with health.

One of Codman’s psychiatrists, Dr. Jessica Isom, MD, MPH, led the two sessions. On May 31, Dr. Isom addressed about 200 community members on the topic of racial stress, racial trauma, and substance abuse. She and other panel members talked about how dealing with racism can lead people to cope in health and unhealthy ways, including with alcohol and drugs.

Some Codman experts from our substance use disorder program shared resources the health center offers.

After the experts presented the information, they engaged the audience in discussion about the topic, and answered many questions. Attendees were grateful for the information.

On June 28, Dr. Isom presented to another group of about 200 community members about how expiring racism can impact one’s health and how to create a Racism Recovery Plan. They also answered questions and had a discussion with attendees.

“The conversations Codman Square Health Center has been having are much needed. We can’t wait for the next one,” one attendee shared after the meeting.

Codman offered these network nights with financial support from a grant from RIZE Massachusetts, and in partnership with Union Capital Boston.