Residency day 1

Codman Square Health Center (CSHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center located in the heart of Boston’s inner city Dorchester neighborhood. CSHC is a Patient-Centered Medical Home that prioritizes patient care. Codman is an established teaching institution, and holds its mission in the heart of the teaching:

 “To serve as a resource for improving the physical, mental and social well-being of the community.”

Codman hosts a variety of learners, including, but not limited to, pharmacy students, nursing students, and nutrition students.  Codman also hosts a variety of medical residencies, most notably the Boston University School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency. Furthermore, CSHC is proud to host residencies in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Optometry, and Dentistry.  Codman has a history of hiring new graduate Nurse Practitioners, and has provided the training needed to help them succeed in Community Health.

CSHC established our Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Residency in 2020, knowing that we have the foundation to create an excellent program and help residents thrive.  In the expansion of NP Residency programs in Massachusetts, we were able to partner with the University Of Massachusetts Worcester Graduate School Of Nursing.  Our sister sites include the long established Family Health Center of Worcester, as well as Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, Harbor Health Center, and Baystate Health Center.

We at the Codman FNP Residency hope to help a diverse set of new providers transition into practice, offering the support needed to provide culturally competent care.  Codman patients are diverse, as well as clinically complex.  We provide the mentorship and training needed to effectively serve our unique population.  While we offer numerous specialty rotations including STD clinic, Substance Use, and Urgent Care – all specialties contribute to developing a robust primary care practice.  Graduates will have a solid foundation in family medicine and community health, and be prepared for a career of life-long learning.  This is a twelve-month post-graduate residency and is followed by an additional twelve months of service at Codman, which is a unique opportunity to solidify skills in a full-time, staff Nurse Practitioner position.

“Codman does an excellent job pairing high quality training with excellent patient care,” states Kyla Biegun, Family Nurse Practitioner and Residency Director. “Nurse Practitioners play an important role at Codman.  Our residency elevates the role of the NP both here and more generally in fields of Family Medicine and Community Health.”  Residencies, a relatively new part of an NP education, are quickly gaining traction by offering new graduates the support necessary to transition into successful practice.  “I feel incredibly fortunate to have learned to become an NP here at Codman, which has a culture of teaching,” Biegun explains, “and I am enthusiastic about sharing this gift with others.”