Maternal and Child Health

The Maternal and Child Health department at Codman Square Health Center prides itself on providing quality care, choice, and support for all of our patients and families. Our goal is to ensure that moms, babies, and families are happy, healthy, and connected to the services they need.

BMC Baby Café

The BMC Baby Café provides drop-in breastfeeding support in Group Visit Room 2.

  • Mondays: 5:00-6:30pm
  • Wednesdays: 2:00-4:00pm



    The MCH department at Codman Square Health Center is committed to providing the highest-quality care for you and your family. Our multicultural, multilingual, and experienced team includes midwives, doctors, nurses, case managers, and medical assistants. We work together to ensure that you receive outstanding perinatal care.

    Not only does our team focus on medical care, but we also offer social support during and after your pregnancy. In addition to traditional prenatal visits, we also offer group prenatal and well-child care visits, advocacy services, and on-site behavioral health.


    We believe that women and families should be able to make their own choices about prenatal care, labor, and delivery. For this reason, we aim to help women learn more about all of their options so that they can make informed decisions about their care.

    As patients at CSHC, women can opt to deliver at Boston Medical Center or Brigham and Women's Hospital. Each hospital provides outstanding labor and delivery services. For more information about each site, please see the links below.

    Women can also decide on their model of prenatal care. Codman Square Health Center offers Centering Pregnancy group prenatal visits in addition to one-on-one care. Group care includes a private check-up with your midwife, a space to ask and answer questions, and a chance to meet and befriend other expectant mothers.

    After your baby is born, we offer well-child group visits as well as playgroups for infants and toddlers. In addition, you can choose to receive care from our Pediatrics or Family Medicine departments.


    We know that pregnancy can be an exciting time for families, but we also understand that having a baby can create new challenges. Here at CSHC, we can support you during this time of change.

    We offer advocacy services to all of our pregnant women. Our case managers can help you prepare for the arrival of your baby, and they can work with you until your baby is two years old.

    In addition, we now offer Baby Basics, a newborn care class that meets once a month. This class, held on a drop-in basis, includes information about baby feeding, swaddling, sleeping, and bathing. Whether you are a first-time mother or an experienced caregiver, the class is a chance to have your questions about baby care answered.

    We hope that you will call us to learn about about prenatal services at CSHC. Please call Codman Square Health Center at 617-822-8271 to schedule an appointment.

    Maternal and Child Health Providers