Patient Centered Medical Home

At Codman Square Health Center, we believe that healthy families create a healthy community. And we want to make you and your family healthy and happy.

We strive to give the care you want when you need it. We use medical and prevention practices proven to work. We want to help you improve your health in as many ways as we can. We want to get better at what we do — together. This attitude toward health care is called the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Patient-centered is a way of saying that you, the patient, are the most important person in the health care system.

A medical home is a way of providing total health care. You will join a care team that including your health care provider, nurses, educators, counselors, community programs, and even trusted friends or family members (if you wish). Your team focuses on the whole you.

What to expect at Codman Square Health Center:

  • Care from a team of health care providers, led by your own doctor
  • Care that includes YOU as a member of your team
  • Care that gets you through an illness and helps to keep you well
  • Care that respects you, and your needs and values as a person
  • Care where you can talk about what you like, and how you can take charge of your own care
  • Care that is easy to schedule, with appointments at times when you can come in, and more ways to keep in touch with your team, like phone and email
  • Care that is coordinated because your health care team and other providers work together

Your health care team believes the Patient-Centered Medical Home is a better way to take care of your health needs and to help you manage your own care.

Your insurance plan will still cover all the same services so your costs will stay the same.