We opened our doors in 1979 with a dream: to build the best urban community in America. As part of this dream, we recognized that though health care begins by alleviating sickness, the journey to a true “culture of health” is much more complex — it includes providing jobs, building a beautiful campus in the center of Codman Square and empowering people to take charge of their health and the health of their community.

Indeed, health is more than physical well-being. It transcends drugs, technology and even physicians. In fact, although personalized healthcare is one of our trademarks, health is more than the individual. We believe a healthy community and a healthy individual are interdependent and inseparable. Our Codman Model of Health is inclusive of everything that affects the ability of the community and individual to thrive. As a result of this directive, the standard for the services we provide is extremely high. A healthy community has access to medicine that not only cures, but also empowers.

Our vision of medicine is a product of 38 years of listening to the needs and desires of the community and acting on them. Our two-physician staff that summer of 1979 may have been small, but our mantra was not: while disease is a lack of health, health is not simply a lack of disease.

Today, with a staff of over 300 employees, expert clinicians and medical staff, and an astounding depth and breadth of community programs, we believe that we are on our way toward reaching our dream of building the best urban community in America. Codman Square Health Center is committed to continued progress and we hope you will join us in fulfilling our vision of a culture of health in our community.



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